BOSCH Assembly Technology

BOSCH assembly technology – basic modular elements

CBG AUTOMATION s.r.o. Company represents BOSCH REXROTH Company in the area of assembly technology, i.e. aluminum profiles, manual assembly workstations, transfer systems, linear motion technology etc.

In the area of the BOSCH REXROTH products we offer our customers:

  • Expert assistance in the process of designing the application of the REXROTH assembly technology
  • A wide range of REXROTH components – aluminum profiles, jointing material
  • Manual assembly workstation REXROTH
  • Vario Flow + TS transfer systems
  • REXROTH products service parts
  • Both warranty and after-warranty service
  • preventive inspections
  • Basic Mechanical Elements

    The expert field of assembly technology incorporates the largest modular aluminum profile system in the world. It includes more than a hundred of various types of sections, tens of connection elements and a wide range of accessories. It enables quick and effective construction of aluminum structures with high strength-to-weight ratio. Thanks to the flexibility of the modular system any modifications of the construction can be carried out easily. The system can be delivered in an ESD (antistatic) modification.

     BOSCH assembly technology – assembly workstation

    Assembly Workstations

    Manual production systems are based on the concept of fully adaptable ergonomic workstations, material supply (rack systems) and conveyor based workstation linking. They enable implementation of so called LEAN MANUFACTURING.

    A high degree of variability facilitates easy alterations and conversions in the case of change of manufacturing, thus minimizing expenses for new projects. Assembly workstations delivered by our company include engineering designs.

    TS Transfer Systems

    BOSCH assembly technology – TS transfer systems REXROTH TS transfer systems are the most widespread modular pallet transfer systems in the world.

    The TS1, TS2plus, TS4plus, TS 5 a TS SOLAR pallet transfer systems can be used in assembly applications to transport products weighing up to 300 Kg for a pallet. Conveyor components and service parts have the same unified marking system all over the world. Conveyors can be delivered in an ESD (antistatic) modification.

    BOSCH assembly technology – VARIO FLOW transfer systems

    Vario Flow Conveyors

    The Vario Flow system provides an economical solution to the transportation of individual products both in 2D and 3D. The system employs the principle of plastic chain. For the applications in the food industry the VARIO FLOW system is provided also in a stainless version. Vario Flow system can be combined with other REXROTH products. It distinguishes itself by quick assembly, minimum service requirements and high usage value (also in an ESD (antistatic) modification).

    Areas of application:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food and car industry
  • Electro-technical industry
  • And many other branches and types of manufacturing