The priority of CBG AUTOMATION s.r.o. is to provide its customers with complex service reaching from realisation of a device to its implementation in the target environment. In order to provide these services the company is divided in the following departments.

Development and Design

  • Elaboration of technical designs
  • Projection in 3D environment
  • Consultation of technical solutions using 3D visualizations
  • Application of the findings obtained through development in the process of designing a device.
  • Manufacturing and Assembly

  • Manufacturing of the individual parts by highly qualified operators
  • Application of CNC machines
  • Manufacturing including heat treatment and surface finishing
  • Metrology and controlling
  • Product assembly, calibration, testing
  • Consultations of design engineers and assemblers during product testing
  • Implementation of the device in the target environment
  • Programming and Electronics

  • Design of the electrical part of devices
  • Application of control systems (Siemens, BOSCH REXROTH ao)
  • Manufacturing of electrical components
  • Programming – user software of the device
  • Maintenance and Servicing

  • Assistance during test runs
  • Both warranty and after-warranty service
  • Preventive inspections

  • náhradní obrázek Assembly and Testing Lines

    Our company can supply both individual devices and complete technological assemblies or lines. These can be outlined as individual workplaces connected by a transfer system (i.e. BOSCH REXROTH TS2 plus with pallets, Vario Flow, pallet system Stein etc.), or as detached workplaces designed according to the lean manufacturing principles including material supply.
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    náhradní obrázek Assembly Equipment

    Detached devices, whose primary function is to mount products such as, lights, seats, radios, control units, sensors etc. They include monitoring and testing functions. Components we use to construct the devices are high quality products made by renowned manufacturers and are always in agreement with the customers‘ requirements. Pneumatics, handling devices or servodrives are made by Festo, SMC or BOSCH REXROTH. Sensor solutions and cameras are from Sick, Omron, Keyence, Balluff, Baumer and Cognex. Control systems are provided by Siemens, BOSCH REXROTH, Alan Bradley, Mitsubishi etc.
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    náhradní obrázek Test Devices

    These devices serve the purpose of testing and trying out all the essential parameters of a product. Some of the most common tests being carried out are tightness tests, electrical tests, camera inspections of lights, thermal and functional tests of control units, screwdriving tests, camera tests of missing parts or colours, product packaging tests e.g. in continuous production, connector pin damage tests etc.
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    transfer systems Conveyors

    Our company delivers plug-and-go solutions of simple gravity conveyors, belt conveyors, pallet transfer systems or 3D conveyor systems using the Vario Flow technology.
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    náhradní obrázek Manual Workstations

    This is a specific area of our production for which the most important factor is ergonomics. To achieve a most ergonomic workplace we can provide e.g. height adjustable tables (both mechanically and electrically), a wide range of accessories including appropriate workstation lighting, info boards, material containers, bottle or cloth holders, arm rests, foot rests and chairs. Highly qualified specialists are fully at your disposal to help you find the best solution fulfilling your every requirement.
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    Other Products

    This category contains solutions like fencing, frames, universal devices or specialized workplaces such as laser markers or conveyors. Our employees are ready to find the most suitable solution according to your specific requirements.
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