Social Responsibility

Our company supports education, social projects and cultural events. Some of these are:

Pontifical Mission Works

Pontifical Mission Works

Their goal is to provide, in a form of tangible help, an answer to the great problems of the today’s world such as poverty, famine, leprosy, illiteracy, AIDS etc. They try to deal with these problems mostly through cooperation with missionaries and mission workers and offer both material and spiritual help.

The Czech Republic Charity Organization

Charity – Flood Relief in Ukraine

We felt that a financial aid to flood stricken Ukraine was our moral obligation. In today's World natural disasters are rather frequent and cause a lot of damage to millions of people. Our company is not indifferent to the lives of these people and tries to provide the much needed help.

Christian Basic School Salvátor

Christian Basic School Salvátor

By supporting the Salvátor basic school we think of the children and try to provide them with the best conditions for their education.

Kite Running 2010

Kite Running

As for the cultural and social events our company takes part in the annual kite running competition which takes place on the football pitch in the village of Malá Lhota.

Valašské Meziříčí ZOO

We appreciate those around us who work up their enthusiasm for the benefit of others. Therefore we decided to support the people who created a unique ZOO in our hometown.